The EHS Miracle Amulet
Does 5g or WiFi put your head in a vice and make you crazy? Mother Nature provides this solution:

Feeling frazzled? Put this on. 
The pain and confusion are gone. Be calm & focused 

Beauty + Function
A gorgeous pendant hand-made from
 Tropical Hardwood and Metal Crystals that works wonders - $159

You can't get away from it!
Until about 100 years ago, the only sources of exposure to electromagnetic energy fields were natural. They were 10s of thousands of times less than what we are bombarded with now every day.

EHS (Electrohypersensitivity) is the modern scientific  term for EMF (Electromagnetic Field) sensitivity or "Microwave syndrome".

In Sweden, electrohypersensitivity (EHS) is an officially fully recognized functional impairment. There, it is a medically recognized problem but is not regarded as a disease nor as a psychological disturbance.

The EHS Miracle Amulet is a boon to EHS sufferers.
The Woo-Woo Part - Geopathic Energies

The EHS Miracle Amulet works with other types of fields, too. Geopathic energies are not yet officially recognized as existing. But there is a lot of evidence that when water moves underground, problems occur above it. 

A colleague, Dr. Jimmy Scott, has researched geopathic energies. He discovered them under cracks in buildings and bridges, under areas where car accidents repeatedly occur, and under areas where people get clumsy and confused.

The EHS Miracle Amulet reduces or eliminates the negative effects of geopathic energies upon the wearer. If your bed or your the chair where you sit is over an area of geopathic energy, wearing your EHS Miracle Amulet will provide you with relief.

  • With the EHS Miracle Amulet, energy fields are like water bouncing off a duck's back.
  • Your body won't freak out when you are exposed. It calms your response.
  • The EHS Miracle Amulet doesn't resolve the cause, but it will help you to suffer less.

How Did I Discover This?
And Why Should You Trust Me?

I have degrees in psychology, biology, and physics from U.C. Santa Cruz. I am an expert in manual muscle testing. I studied with German medical doctors who figured out how use it as a medical diagnostic tool. I wrote the standard textbook on Applied Kinesiology - the one used to teach the field in chiropractic colleges.

Using manual muscle testing for my research, I discovered that the mere contact with specific gemstones can turn on neurological circuits and improve coordination. I wrote half my dual doctorate thesis upon the effect of gemstones on human neurological functioning. With it, I put some science under the often "woo-woo" field of healing with gemstones.

I used the same protocol to test different kinds of woods. I discovered that woods can do many things that gemstones can not. I gathered over 800 kinds of woods from all over the world. One of them, the one used in this EHS Miracle Amulet, prevents the body from going out of energetic balance when exposed to energy fields. 

I didn't know if this would also reduce the suffering caused by exposure to strong electromagnetic energy fields. So I sent out about 40 of these amulets to those who so suffer. The reported results have been good so I am now confident that I can help those who are hypersensitive to electromagnetic fields with the EHS Miracle Amulet.

While researching elements of the periodic scale, I discovered that one metal, when in crystalline form, also counteracts the negative effects of energy fields. 

Perhaps both the wood and metal crystal together are even more effective. I don't know for sure. What i do know is that some people, including myself, need both to have the desired effect. So I put both the particular wood and 2 pieces of the metal crystal into the EHS Miracle Amulet.

What Do Users of the EHS Miracle Amulet Report?

Does the pounding and the pressure in your head begin soon when you're near strong EM fields? 

When I held your amulet, my headache subsided.
- Justin Donne.

I sat next to my router. My headache turned on immediately. My brain throbbed and felt like it was being buffeted around my skull in a bath of hot acid. When I held your amulet, my headache subsided within 4 minutes... and I was still sitting near my router! The throbbing stopped. All that was left was a lingering pressure but no pain.

Do you get easily upset, irritable and moody for no apparent reason?

  •  It is hard to wind down and sleep even though you are exhausted?
  • ​Do you feel pressure in your brain and body?

When I use my android phone, I get pain radiation symptoms including hot face, confusion, headaches, and inflammation. I get irritable, moody, and feel pressure in my body and specially in the area of my heart. When exposed, I get these symptoms very fast.

I  taped the metal crystal on my hand. Within 10 minutes, my head pains from EMR exposure in the city (from overload of wireless cells devices, 5g , phones) started to diminish

When I held your EHS Miracle Amulet, I could immediately feel relief in my brain. It felt like my brain was receiving a correction program. All of my symptoms became less intense. 

Another way your EHS Miracle Amulet is working: Last night I was finally able to sleep very well for the first time in many many months. 

Thank you for this wonderful natural and very affordable product.

All of my symptoms became less intense. 
- A. Fischer

Do you feel like you are plugged into an electric socket?

  • Does your whole body vibrate like a tightly strung string?
  • Are your shoulders so tight they're near your ears?
  • Do your thoughts dart around from idea to idea making clear thought and calm nearly impossible?:
  • Do you feel like a fireman on high alert, waiting for the bell to ring?
  • ​Are you easily overwhelmed and find it hard to concentrate?
When I held my amulet, I felt immediate relief.
 - Leah Dawn 

Today I spent a few hours with no WiFi on a farm . My nervous system returned to what feels like normal. I had relaxed muscles in neck, no racing thoughts, and no electric sensation . My head was clear with intentions for my day. 

Upon returning home where WiFi and emf fields are very strong, I immediately noticed my shoulders tense up and my usual back pain returned. My thoughts were racing. My brain felt cloudy and befuddled. I had difficulty prioritizing tasks and difficulty focusing on one thing. I speeded up until I felt like I was on high alert within 15 minutes. 

In this state, I became very ungrounded and lost my awareness of what I should do and when I should do it. I felt confused... like I was treading in deep water with a storm raging. 

When I get like this, I forget appointments and have even forgotten to pick up my kids from school! I can't even complete simple tasks. I feel like my mind is being pulled in all directions at once. It takes sooo much energy to try and make my brain hold its focus to complete a task
And as I sat there near my WiFi router, my body felt wracked with pain that I felt deep in my bones.... 

When I held my amulet, I felt immediate relief. The tension in my shoulders disappeared. I walked up the stairs without my usual back pain . I could also feel my ability to focus return like a fog clearing. I knew what I should be handling task-wise. I proceeded to take care of what I needed to. 

The amulet grounds me. I can still feel the storm raging, but it is outside of my body and mind now. The amulet pushes the feelings of tension and pain off of me. I feel like I am in a protected bubble. I don't have to work so hard to harness my brains and focus to get things done. 

The amulet is a huge help for me. I do not feel so overwhelmed with the basics of life. I’m a mom of 5 kids with a house full of pets, chores, and children so I greatly appreciate this tool to help mitigate the effects of WiFi living in the city.

The honest disclaimer: 
The EHS Miracle Amulet works for most people but not for everyone.

Here is the story of one person it did not help. The EHS Miracle Amulet is worth a try anyway. If it doesn't work for you, just send it back for a full refund.

As soon as I send a 30 second text (cell phone, computers, and WIFI my worst offenders), I IMMEDIATELY get ice pick stabbing/jabbing pain in my ears and throat, LIGHTNING BOLT headaches, burning scalp sensations, ear piercing ringing in multiple pitches in both ears. 

If I continue to browse internet or text for a minute or two I then begin to experience quick, fluttering heart palpitations and chest pain. I get the exact symptoms when I drive my Subaru Forrester from the dashboard electronics. 

At work I really struggle as there is a WIFI router in every room of the high school (I am a teaching Assistant in Spec Ed), and I immediately react. All students work using laptops also. 

So far when I hold the metal and wood I have gotten no relief from any of the symptoms listed. The ONLY thing that gives any relief is complete and utter avoidance of all WIFI and technology of any kind. I also react to printers, DECT phones, certain lights and lamps, headlights. I hope this helps.

The ONLY thing that gives any relief is complete and utter avoidance of all WIFI and technology of any kind.
- Kim Patton

Does being in a room full of modern electronics put you on edge and give you headaches?

I'm a school teacher. We recently moved to a new classroom building. It is very institutionalized with electronically controlled doors that automatically close us in. There are cameras everywhere. It feels like prison. The kindergartners are required to use iPads every day. 

Since moving there, I have headaches and feel edgy, moody, trapped, and isolated. My headache symptoms are very painful and feel like my head is in a vice being progressively squeezed tighter and tighter.

Last Friday when the kids were all using their iPads, I felt my headache coming on. I put on the amulet and my headache symptoms subsided. The feeling of being squeezed lessened and I avoided a full on migraine. 

I put on the amulet and my headache symptoms subsided. 
- Lightworker

Does walking into a room with WIFI turned on give you stabbing pains?

It is so powerful that I start tingling.
- Lael T. Mark

I went to talk to my apartment manager for over 20 minutes this afternoon, and they had their strong COX WiFi turned on in the office, along with their wireless printer.

I experienced an awful headache and stabbing pains in my kidneys and gonads after getting out of there. So I picked up your amulet, and I started feeling like ions going thru my body after a couple of minutes! 

I started having better vision, feel much more grounded in the moment! Also, my thyroid stopped hurting me, and my voice was no longer hoarse, for the first time since the abhorrent C Band rollout on January 19th.

It is so powerful though, that I start tingling...

After carrying these amulet materials, I feel like I have been camping outside for two days. it is a very wonderful feeling. I also notice, I am not as dehydrated. it seems I am utilizing magnesium better, along with other electrolytes. My skin feels and looks younger as well.

Do the new power lines and 5G trees in your neighborhood fry your brain?

Since new power lines, 5G trees, and towers were erected in my neighborhood, I’d grown edgy and nervous. I also began to develop body aches especially on the left side stemming from my neck down through my shoulders and lower back. I decided to give the EHS Miracle Amulet a try.

From the second I held it, I could feel the difference in my body. On a scale of 10, the pain I had been experiencing dissipated from 8 to about 5 in the first 10 minutes. By late that evening it was about 2. My nerves and the on edge feeling smoothed out from 6 to 3. 

To see if she experienced the same results, I then gave the amulet to my 79-year-old mother without telling her what it was. She had been suffering from tightness and pain in all her joints. After about 30 minutes, I asked if she felt any relief. She said the pain in her joints and stiffness in her back were reduced from 7 to 4. All these results in the first day! The following day, I awoke with more energy and ease than I had in the past 2-3 months.

I had very intense lucid dreams that occurred most every morning between 3 and 4 AM. The dreams were so disturbing that I was unable sleep. When I held the amulet, I was able to immediately and easily go back to sleep.

I feel like the EHS Miracle Amulet has smoothed out my energies. I feel like it cut out the EMF and my body started feeling right. 

I would certainly recommend this amulet to any one exposed to any EMF fields or multiple devices. You will truly notice the effects and immediately begin to experience its benefits.

The EHS Miracle Amulet has smoothed out my energies. I feel like it cut out the EM fields and made my body feel right again.
- Samantha Lyton

Fit Bit Made Me Sick

I don't get so freaked out because I know I have this amulet to help me.
-Andrea Maynes

I wore a fit bit for 2 weeks and ended up with radiation poisoning. It took 6 weeks of various treatments with an open-minded doctor to feel ok again. 

I can't be around electronic devices for long before I go absolutely crazy. When I get triggered by any of these, I have a blackout and lose 1/2 of my vision for 20-30 minutes. I only see sparkly black and white unclear images. When I focus upon it, i see triangular prisms with colors. That freaks me out but I feel fine until it goes away. Then I get lightheaded and nauseated for nearly 1/2 hour. This has happened many times.

Now when the blackout starts, I go straight for your amulet, hold it in my hand, and close my eyes. The blackout stops after only a few (2-5) minutes! I don't get lightheaded at all afterwards like I usually do. I do feel a bit nauseous, but only for a few minutes.

I really enjoy having my amulet. It is hard to predict when my blackouts will happen. I don't get so freaked out because I know I have this amulet to help me.

100% Money Back Guarantee

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Get one and put it around your neck. To be effective, it needs to be within 1/4" (5mm) of your skin. For best effect, wear it under your shirt or blouse so it stays close.

Test it yourself. If you don't feel better, or if for any reason you are not satisfied, return it within 90 days for a full refund of the purchase price.
What Are You Waiting For?
It is never too soon to end your suffering
P.S: You have suffered long enough. Give yourself, or your loved ones, the gift of freedom from the negative effects of energy fields with the EHS Miracle Amulet.

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